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Welcome home

You are in the right place at just the right time.Here you will find everything you have been looking for because everything you have been looking for is inside of you.

Work with me

My purpose is to spread love worldwide

I love sharing my sound baths and guided meditations with people and businesses all over the world. On instagram lives, zooms events, brand collaborations and group bookings.
I’ve worked with many brands to bring more chill, peace, self love, and unity to there communities.
Email me or book in below if you would like to work together.

Sound Healing

Good Things Are Coming!

Our bodies are made up of 75% water, water is a great conductor for sound.

You know when you’re listening to a song that resonates with you and you play that song on repeat , That feeling that the writer just knows exactly what you are going through? Knows the feelings of love, happiness or pain you are experiencing and You actually feel like wow they just know me. Well of course the words have a meaning you connect to but the sound of the music is also helping to heal you.

Intuitive Guidance

Dear babe,

Thank you for thinking about Working with me intuitively. Making this decision can change your life. That sounds like a big statement but it’s the truth, if you put your heart and soul into loving yourself certain areas of your life will never be the same again. I’m am here to help you find an immense love and value for yourself. I want you to have confidence, clarity and an instinctive trust in your worth.

Angel Reading

You’re looking for some guidance, answers. you’re just intrigued to know what the angels are saying or you just fancy chilling with their energy for a bit.

Angel card readings help you to connect to Angelic guidance. Your guardian angel is with you every single day and has been with your spirit since before you were born.
Aisha works intuitively with her guides and the angels to answer the questions, feelings or decisions you have placed in your heart.

Personal Meditation Guide

Aisha Is no ordinary Meditation teacher.
Her sessions are likely to take you on a mediative journey that you have never been on before.
How do they work ?
The sessions are infused with music in a unique way. She uses music from different genres that range from r&b, garage, hip hop and soul to the mediative sounds of the waves, birds, trees, sound bowls and Kundalini Mantra’s . She is supported with the help from the archangels to guide her to loving help people to connect to their higher self to find relaxation, deep inner peace, love and happiness.
Her meditations are deep, loving, soulful and healing.