Sound bath

Welcome to the sound room

Here healing vibrations are used to move energy through your body with sounds and vibrations of unconditional love

This session is for you if:

You need to chill, zone out to zone back in, You are open to letting love & sound do what it needs to your mind, body and soul..

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is basically bathing in sound like a form of meditation that cleanses your energy field and helps you to feel Balanced.

Our bodies are made up of 75% water, water is a great conductor for sound.

You know when you’re listening to a song that resonates with you and you play that song on repeat , That feeling that the writer just knows exactly what you are going through? Knows the feelings of love, happiness or pain you are experiencing and You actually feel like wow they just know me. Well of course the words have a meaning you connect to but the sound of the music is also helping to heal you.

Therefore , Sound vibration works on an even deeper level of healing. The Sound has a way to instantly connects to our feelings, emotions, memories and thoughts. These are all connected to our energy. This is why a sound session can lift your vibe profoundly.

“Sound bath synchronizes your brain waves to achieve a quicker state of deep relaxation. If meditation was like taking an
exelator sound bath is like taking a lift it gets you to a peaceful relaxed state In quick, smooth transition.”

How will it work:

A sound bath session with Aisha will allow the energies of love to clear, heal and restore harmony and balance to your body and mind. It will help you to feel much lighter, more aligned, peaceful and able to connect back to your true self.
Sound has the power to shift your frequency and raise your energy from low moods, anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, fear, low self esteem to the higher vibes of love, acceptance, positivity, forgiveness, clarity, confidence, peace and light.

Aisha uses the stunning Powerful beauty of the Crystal singing bowls sound to reach deep into your subconscious. To help you to chill, relax and help support your body’s natural healing. She uses the sound to send love to your body as she plays each sound to tend to your chakras. Sending you peace, love and light.

Just get comfortable sit back and relax.

After session feelings :

Please be kind loving and and patient with yourself before and after your session as healing will be happening within you from the very moment you decide it’s the right time to reach out.

During this time you could feel deep resistance to change or have the urge to cry for no reason. You could be judging your thoughts and feelings. You could have a headache, feelings similar to a cold. You could feel tired or a mixture of the above feelings. Please be patient healing can appear differently each time. This could be the way your energy is being cleared. Each time you heal, the cleansing may require a different way to exit. Drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, connect to nature, Journal your feelings and allow your body love and rest.