The Get lit retreat is the first of it’s kind centred around diversity , it is a unique urban alternative to your ‘everyday wellbeing retreat; infused with r&b and old Skool garage, you go from raving with a DJ to chanting and meditating. It has been said to be a unforgettable life changing experience, One that allows you to free your inhibitions so you can dance, cry and laugh like nobody is watching.

Morocco Retreats

WHERE: Marrakesh, Morocco
When was the last time you took care of you? This is your chance to TREAT yourself to a 5 night getaway full of self love, healing and mindfullness.

Personal 121 Retreats

It’s time to treat yourself
Sometimes you just need a break. Time to get a way and rejuvenate. Time to rest and let all the stresses of life go.
I will provide a tranquil and safe space for you to unwind and indulge in some self care. This is a one on one retreat away from life daily life. To be pampered and treated to an experience just for yourself.

London Retreats

This is a safe place where you will find a love and inner peace for yourself that you’ve never experienced before. This retreat is here to help support your self love journey. Aisha Carrington will lead the first experience of the day it has been described as a mixture between a comedy show and a rave you’re just going to love it.

Group Retreats

Sometimes you just know that as a group you could support each other better, You are ready to up your game in your circle of group self love and trust, You know you would all love a retreat with a difference. If this sounds perfect for your crew and you would like a break away in luxury with your own retreat spiritual G then let’s get planning.