Personal Meditation Guide

Your personal meditation Guide For one - on- one coaching online. To help you to chill and meditate with ease.

Be still & chill

Aisha Is no ordinary Meditation teacher.
Her sessions are likely to take you on a mediative journey that you have never been on before.
How do they work ?
The sessions are infused with music in a unique way. She uses music from different genres that range from r&b, garage, hip hop and soul to the mediative sounds of the waves, birds, trees, sound bowls and Kundalini Mantra’s . She is supported with the help from the archangels to guide her to loving help people to connect to their higher self to find relaxation, deep inner peace, love and happiness.
Her meditations are deep, loving, soulful and healing.

This session is for you if:

You want to tap out of the matrix
To relax and switch off.
Be immersed in love and gratitude.
To let go and chill.

Why would you meditate?

Meditation brings a calm, chilled and peaceful state of mind, allowing you to disconnect with the world and to connect with your heart , mind and soul.
It can help you to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, emotions, feelings or situations , allowing you to access a deeper love with who you are authentically.

As with everything, when you begin a practice it takes time to calm the mind and feel confident in letting go. With regular practice and trust, meditation can deeply connect you to be able to transform your energy and life as you previously perceived it. Bringing in more Gratitude, contentment, peace, creativity, focus and love.

Benefits of meditation

* Lifts your mood
* Reduces stress
* Promotes Emotional health
* Lowers Anxiety
* Helps with self compassion
* Increases focuse
* Enhances self awareness
* Increases positive feelings
* Supports mental health
* Increase satisfaction
* Enhances Gratitude
* Generates kindness
* Helps with forgiveness
* Lowers aggression
* Improves sleep

How it works

The sessions

Aisha is currently offering 5 Styles of meditation that can be personalised to your individual needs.
All will include her intuitive technique of using music and movement to free your mind and open your heart.

Guided meditation

Self Love meditation

Energy Healing meditation

Angelic meditation

Sound healing meditation

Book below and Aisha will help you decide what meditation will work best for you.