WHEN: 8-13th November 2021
WHERE: Marrakesh, Morocco
When was the last time you took care of you? This is your chance to TREAT yourself to a 5 night getaway full of self love, healing and mindfullness. This is a beautiful women’s only retreat experience with limited spaces.

CRIB 1 =Moroccan Rustic Luxury
This crib is situated just outside Marrakesh,  It’s a perfect place to begin your healing as well as unwind after a Laughter yoga session, an R&B dance meditation and a Self Love class.

CRIB 2 =sleep under the stars
This crib gives you a moment to chill in the desert.
Indulge in your sense of adventure as we go luxury glamping for 2 nights , bask in this nomadic experience and dance under the stars.

CRIB 3 = A stunning bright riad
Get ready to act out sexy and the city, crib 3 moves us into the city of Marrakesh. You will have the option to have spa treatments in the same hotel the Sex & the city cast stayed in and have afternoon tea in the enchanting gardens.


I’m Aisha Carrington Spiritual G, Self Love mentor, meditation, sound and angel guide. I’m the founder of the Get Lit Retreat. The idea to change careers from being a personal stylist to an Angel guide who run’s retreats as a job was a dream born in Morocco. I’ve depressed, in love, heartbroken, lost and found during my 10 year love affair with Morrocco. You can now come and continue your self love journey, heal, manifest and find a new version of yourself with myself Jo my personal Yoga teacher, Fontaine our PT and Get Lit OG. We are legit the dream team. This country constantly gives me back my zing it has my heart and l hope it will have yours too.


Imagine feeling less stressed, busy and unloved by yourself. . Healing scars you didn’t even know were there, yet they are the very things holding you back. Did you know many of your own thoughts, insecurities, self judgement, or need to never stop, to be constantly on the go can come from wounds you have not healed yet? I’ve been there babes to be honest I’ve GOT THE  T-Shirt. Yes believe me when I say all those things you think are so small are actually stopping you from healing. We often think that to need healing you need to of been or are in a deep dark place while this can be the case healing can be needed for many things that we often disregarded as just being busy for example.

Be honest when was the last time you took time out to really chill and switch off. To relax?
So many of us are so busy with life that we don’t make time to disconnect from work, family or the next thing on your list. This retreat will be your reset. We all grow more and serve others better when we take timeout to chill. Healing is different for everyone you might need to address the balance in your life, your goals or your insecurities, Your fears, Your pain, Your judgements? Your financial blocks, Your Ego? Your grief? Your lack of love, Your feelings of worthiness, or your need to never stop and appreciate the moment.

When you arrive at the airport and the sun hits your skin you will glow with a new fresh sexy confidence. You will feel lighter, brighter and more focused, content and glowing from the inside out with genuine happiness, because you will be putting yourself first that in itself is healing to the soul.


The Get lit retreat Price is
2500 for five nights 6 days all inclusive.



Your airfare (Sky skanner is showing return flights from the UK to Marrakesh for £80 for our November dates.)
*Any extra meals you wish to have outside of the cribs or event programs.
*Spa treatments
*Extra trips with the driver taken on your own
If you are ready to invest in yourself and I mean treat yourself to an unforgettable Luxury healing experience with your girls for life .
Register your interest below

Once you register Aisha Carrington will give you a call So that you can talk about the retreat explain each transition as you move locations. answer any questions you have, find out where you are in your life right now and how the retreat can benefit you and If the price works for you. Because the retreat is so intimate getting to know each other via a call really helps to make you feel comfortable investing in yourself.

We can’t wait to hear from you