Intuitive guidance

Dear babe,

Thank you for thinking about Working with me intuitively. Making this decision can change your life. That sounds like a big statement but it’s the truth, if you put your heart and soul into loving yourself certain areas of your life will never be the same again. I’m am here to help you find an immense love and value for yourself. I want you to have confidence, clarity and an instinctive trust in your worth.


Working with me is the best treat you could gift yourself. I want you to Instantly get the feeling of being loved , held and supported, Like a hug you didn’t even know you needed. I want you to get the feeling of someone holding your hand while you lead the way. It’s like relaxing in a field of flowers , chilling by the sea on your dream holiday or having the most luxurious retail therapy… trust me it’s definitely an unforgettable experience that you won’t regret.

Teamwork makes the dream work

I get results because I set the intention to work with love and understanding. While we are working together I am riding with you like the Bonnie to your Clyde or the Beyoncé to you’re Jay Z. I mean you get me don’t you, I’ve got your back. We are a team but most of all I constantly remind you that You are good all by yourself although we are a force of love when we work together.

As I work intuitively it will be different with everybody as we are all unique individuals. I don’t follow a template or a certain style of coaching or spiritual practice , my power is using my intuition to go with the flow and follow where you need to go.


All I ask is that you are aware that no one can do the work for you. You are your own healer. When you believe in YOU magical things instantly happen. Come with an open mind to trusting in yourself and your capabilities to be so much happier and successful at being authentically you. Those are the keys to unleashing your true desires and ambitions. If you want all that you have been dreaming about then trust the voice that brought you here . The voice telling you more is possible. Trust me babes if you can think it and believe it , all you want is waiting on the other side of fear.

So back to the big statement I made at the start. I know I can change your life because I’ve had many clients tell me that their life has forever been changed after meeting me and finding their true self.

This isn’t for you if...

You know that you need to work on a deeper level with a therapist before moving into self love, healing and abundance work.

You only feel super powerful when you are in your masculine and don’t have any interest in connecting to your feminine. You don’t want to talk to your ego to listen to what it is trying to protect you from. You believe money and success are the keys to happiness. You think self love is just having a bath or going on holiday. You have no interest in having empathy for yourself or others. You don’t believe that transformative inner work can change your life.

This is for you if..

you are ready to do the inner work, open up your heart, make best friends with your feminine, talk to your ego with love, healing , growth, have 121 chats with your inner child, believe in yourself, find practices that light up your day, Dance like your at a rave, Cry like you are a river and laugh like you are watching a comedian. You want to Walk into the unknown and accept that abundance is your birth right.

If your down babe , book in below let’s do this.

Can’t wait to chat love 
Sending you all those good vibes 
Aisha x