Angel reading

Hey babe, you have come to the right place at the right time.

 This session is for you if:

You’re looking for some guidance, some answers or you’re just intrigued to know what the angels have to say and you just fancy chilling with their energy to align you.

Angel card readings help you to connect to Angelic guidance. Your guardian angel is with you every single day and has been with your spirit since before you were born.
Aisha works intuitively with her guides and the angels to answer the questions, feelings or decisions you have placed in your heart.

You are here on this page for a reason babe. What are the questions you need answering?

What is an Angel Card Reading?

Angel card readings help you to tune into your true self. It allows your ego to sit down for a moment so you can access the healing, love and comfort you need. You are your own healer. It’s all within you. Aisha is just your guide back to you.

An Angel Reading helps you answer questions about where your are in your life and how you move forward. That could be in your work life, emotional well-being, relationships, inner healing, Trauma, self love, family life, love life or anything spiritually related. You have all the answers inside & around you.

Aisha connects to your guardian angels and all the Archangels and spirits that come to guide you back to yourself. With their guidance you will leave your reading feeling heard, understood, loved, happy and positive about the future.

How does an Angelic safe space work

Aisha is a natural born healer.
Her energy is deeply loving and patient, you instantly feel at ease with her, trusting the space she holds for you. Her intuition allows her to help you exactly where you need it. This often happens without you saying anything about yourself, she just knows by reading your energy.
Aisha is here to lovingly guide you, But your life is your own so please understand that she can only shine a light for you to see. You are your own healer. You are born to follow your own light to truly shine, So inner work has to be done by you.

How does making a booking work?

•You book a slot below.

•Aisha will lovingly tap into her intuition and the angels to help you. This intuitive guidance can help you on all levels, Aisha’s energy is like a hug that will wrap around you in a protective shield of love and light

•The session will start with a meditation to help you to relax and allow your heart to open and your ego to chill. Then the cards reveal the answers and guidance you need.

•To close the session Aisha will ask if there is anything you can do to help yourself move forward.

Remember you are your own guide so take any guidance Aisha offers you and allow yourself to integrate and process what feels true to you. Let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. Listen to your intuition , focus on your inner light and listen without attachment. The guidance Aisha offers is pure love and the motive is to help you tap into you.

How you may feel before or after a Reading:

Please be kind loving and and patient with yourself before and after your reading as healing will be happening within you from the very moment you decide it’s the right time to reach out for Angelic guidance.

During the time before or after the session you could feel excited, at peace, elevated you could get downloads that guide you. You may feel a deep resistance to change or have the urge to cry for no reason. You could be judging your thoughts and feelings. You could have a headache, feelings similar to a cold. You could feel tired or a mixture of the above feelings. Please be patient healing can appear differently each time. This could be the way your energy is being cleared. Each time you heal, the cleansing may require a different way to exit. Drink lots of water, connect to nature, Journal your feelings and allow your body love and rest.