Aisha Carrington is a public Speaker and trained meditation, sound, Angel and reiki guide. She has been a transformative self love mentor to 1000s of women worldwide.

Aisha is a spiritual G; a highly intuitive new generation wellness and mental health change maker.
The founder of the ‘Get lit retreat ‘ for women and the ‘Get lit retreat man’ for men.
Her retreats are a open and diverse space for all.
Aisha works with brands, businesses and one to one clients from setting up retreats, workshops to meditation and sound baths.
Aisha shines her lit vibes of love and light on everyone she comes in to contact with. Leaving them feeling seen, loved held and supported.

Aisha’s joy is bringing diversity into the wellbeing Industry in a truly heart centered way. Working with Aisha brings transformational results and inner peace of self love and abundance.

Aisha came to work in the wellness industry after suffering a deep dark depression with complex ptsd that she is still healing from.

Aisha believes and teaches that loving yourself can truly transform your life and allows real miracles to enter in.
Her desire Is to enlighten anyone who would like to set out on a journey of self-love, inner guidance and meditation so they can cultivate a positive inner connection to the mind, body and spirit.

Her teachings are infused with soul and r&b music along with the help from the archangels to guide her to lovingly in helping people to connect to their higher self, finding relaxation, deep inner peace, love and happiness.
Aisha’s vision is to be a light house that guides you to get high on your own supply of inner loving.

“Through her self love practices, heart centred intentions and fresh urban twist to approaching spirituality, Aisha helps people to release stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Allowing her clients to be confident, creative and free to live and work from a place of authenticity and true happiness. She is a power house in the wellness industry and heals her clients and audience with sound,energy and meditative modalities. ⁣”

-Self love summit

Transforming into a Spiritual G

Aisha has been growing into the spiritual G you see now since she was a young child. She has always been a highly sensitive empath and has felt her connection to the angels since she was ages 3/4 . They were her protection throughout her young life experiencing childhood trauma.

Aisha was a personal stylist for ten years, helping women and men to dress their bodies lovingly. This was Aisha’s first form
Of using help to heal others.

However it wasn’t until 2016 when Aisha had dropped into a deep dark depression, with complex ptsd from her childhood trauma, that she went from personal styling to starting her journey into both healing and being a leader in the spiritual world.

Aisha trained to be a spiritual guide using her healing modalities of Meditation, Sound healing, Angel Readings and Reiki to support her own healing journey and also those of her clients.

The Get lit retreat

The Get Lit Retreat was a love child for 90s baby Esh, born to create a safe space that supported her in the time of profound depression and called in all women and now men of all colours , bodies, shapes, sizes and ages

Aisha had been on many retreats trying to help herself heal Yet non of them catered to a black Caribbean curvy girl who loved old Skool garage, R&b and hip hop music, fashion and eating food full of the exotic flavas that her much loved gran from Barbados had fed her growing up.

The Get lit retreat helps to support others that need a safe space to talk, heal, relax and grow on the never ending journey back to ones self.

Aisha founded the Get lit retreat out of a desperate need to help herself. She felt there was no open space for black women to heal and grow with other women. She wanted the Get lit retreat to be an inclusive and diverse wellness space for everyone. The wellness industry space has for too long felt closed off to women and men that were black or Figures that were deemed curvy / plus size and bodies that were disabled.

It all started at the end of 2017 while Aisha was fighting to get out of one of the darkest moments of her life. She first had the idea to set up a retreat at cost value, to see if others needed what she was so desperately looking for in a retreat. So in January 2018 Aisha launched the first Urban retreat of its kind.
The get lit retreat now runs day retreats in London 4 times a year and a 5 night retreat twice a year in Morocco, Along side a shop that sells products to help you have daily self love retreats at home.

If you would like to work with Aisha or find out what service or retreat would be best for you please use the contact button below.